The MBL daily fantasy sports contests of DraftDaily are held on daily basis when it is the MLB regular season. When more than two MLB games are occurring then the fantasy contests takes place in playoffs.

Contest Arrangement: Salary Cap

Rules of fantasy Sport Contest

The following are the rules that every team has to abide by when in the game:

  • To draft the entire fantasy baseball team of 10 players, every team will have a predetermined salary cap of $55000.
  • The draft pool players include all those MLB players that are qualified to play on the given day. Once the contests are offered for the day, DraftDaily will not add any more players to the list or make any salary updates.
  • The total points scored by the player roster of the team owner will result into declaring the contest results and winners.

The team rosters shall comprise of the following:

  • There should be 10 players among which the hitters should be from no less than 3 different MLB teams.
  • The positions of the 10 rosters are P, P, C, 1B/DH, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF.

Each team will earn points in the following format:

  • How hitters score points:
    Single = +3 Pts
    Double = +5 Pts
    Triple = +8 Pts
    Home = +10 Pts
    RBI and Runs = +2 Pts.
    Base on balls (Walk) = +2 Pts
    Stolen base = +5 Pts.
    Sacrifice Fly = +1 Pts
    Strike Out = -2 Pts
  • How pitchers score points:
    Inning is pitched = +2.25 Pts
    Strike out = +2 Pts
    Win = +4 Pts
    Start = +1 Pt
    Quality Start = +2.5 Pts
    Earned run allowed = -2 Pts
    Hits= -1 Pts
    Walk = - 0.6 Pts
    Home Run = -3 Pts
  • *NOTE: One thing to note is that pitching statistics for the hitters will not be counted and vice-versa.



DraftDaily has the sole discretion to determine all the positions for the daily contests.


According to the format of daily fantasy baseball format, players are selected for a single series of games that often last for that day. In such case, you don’t need to be a wiser chaser in order to pick up players or fret about free agent pickups, trade players or bench players involved in the contest.


The players, who were supposedly going to play in the preempted, postponed or cancelled games will receive no points.


According to the fantasy baseball format, any points or stats made by the players after the game has been suspended will not be included once the game resumes. Instead, the stats generated by the players till the suspended game, will be taken into consideration.


The contests hosted on DraftDaily are based on the dates and starting time of the live MLB games. If the player is playing in a doubleheader, then the points and stats will not be combined into an individual score. When a doubleheader is scheduled then the DratOff can single handedly list either game or both the games. If the doubleheader is postponed game then DraftDaily doesn’t have the liberty to separately list the doubleheader games, instead the original scheduled games are used at the time of scoring. This is because the DraftDaily contest has already been created for the given MLB game and the team owners may have formed lineups according to the original game schedule.


One minute prior to the first game going live, the DraftDaily’s contest automatically gets locked. The players are allowed to amend their lineups as many times they want before the game gets locked. All the players will be locked once the MBL game goes live and the contest is locked.


The live scoring and the rankings offered by the baseball contests are stringently for the fun of the DraftDaily customers. These scores are not official and are just for information purposes. The official results will be declared after the contest concludes. Once the contest status becomes ‘Completed’, you shall know that the official scores have been revealed as the game moves from being live to complete on the My Contests page. The live scores are calculated by using the usual league points system.


Our stats provider for DraftDaily provides the live score of each game. Once the game is finished, DraftDaily gets a final box score that is used to calculate the results of each contest. However the scores will be revised occasionally once the final box score has been released.


To ensure that the final results are precise, DraftDaily waits for the final box scores that have been reported for each contest’s games. Our stats provider occasionally revises the final box scores to publish correct scores during the live games. In this case, the payout will be based on the final box score and not those published during the live games. If the scores are revised after the final box scores are published then the payouts will not be amended.

The Weekly Fantasy Sports Contest hosted on DraftDaily are played every day of the NFL regular season and when two games are played on the same day, then it is played it playoffs.

Contest Arrangement: Salary Cap


The rules for the NFL contests are:

  • A predetermined salary cap of $55000 will be assigned to the players in the entire 9-player roster.
  • The player pool includes all those participants that are competing in the NFL games and are eligible for given DraftDaily contest. Once the DraftDaily contest starts for the day, no missing player can be added and the salaries will also not change.
  • The winnings and results will be declared on the basis of the customer�s 9 player roster points.

The NFL team comprises of the following players:

  • The rosters shall include 9 players among which players must belong to 2 different NFL teams and represent no less than 2 different football games.
  • The roster positions are � QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), K and DST.

The scores are awarded in the following manner:

  • Scoring of Offensive Players �
    Passing TD will get you 4 points and 25 passing yards gets you 1 point. More than 300 yard passing game gets you 3 points where as interception loses you 1 point. 10 rushing yards will give the player 1 point, rushing TD will get him 6 points and more than 100 yard rushing game will get him 3 points. 10 receiving yards and reception get you 1 point. More than 100 yard receiving games gets you 3 points and receiving TD and Punt/Kickoff return for TD get you 6 points respectively. Fumble lost loses you 1 point and 2 point conversion (run, pass or catch) gets you 2 points.
  • The special or defense teams get rewarded as � sack earns you 1 point whereas interception, fumble recovery and blocked kicked earn you 2 point respectively. The kickoff return TD, Punt Return TD, interception return TD, fumble recovery TD earns you 6 points respectively. For blocked punt or FG Return TD, safety and Blocked Kick you earn 6 points and 2 points respectively. Points allowed occurring in 0, 1 to 6, 7 to 13, 14 to 20, 21 to 27, and 28 to 34 and above 35 earn you 10, 7, 4, 1, 0, -1 and -4 points respectively.
  • The Defense or Special Teams allow the following scoring plays:
    Passing TDs, Rushing TDs, Kick Return TDs,Punt Return TDs and Blocked Punt TDs. 2 point conversions Extra points Field goals
  • Kickers gets points as follows �
    for every extra point they get 1 point, for field goal 0 to 39 yards they get 3 points, for field goal 40 to 49 yards they get 4 points and for field goal above 50 yards they get 5 points.



DraftDaily determine the positions for the daily contests. The players will be given positions according to their routine positions determined by GOALSERVE. There are players who play multiple positions but then the positions that are mentioned on DraftDaily list can only be used.


There is no trading of players or free agent pick-ups or bench players involved in the game as you select the players for a single series event..


No points are awarded to an

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